Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DECEMBER 8 sightings

# 61-Belted Kingfisher at control dam on Lakeshore Road near Alexandria by
Rob Fry

Jacques Bouvier's 3 sightings yesterday were:

# 62 - GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLET at 654 Boundary Rd between Alfred and

# 63 - a female NORTHERN PINTAIL at the Alfred lagoons among a 1000 Canada
Geese, hundreds of Mallards, dozens of American Black Ducks, a Great Blue
Heron and an adult BALD EAGLE which I photographed (photo included) as it
was circling above the geese looking for lunch (an injured goose). It did
not find lunch!! The bassin nearest the road is completely covered with ice
(no open water) while the other lagoon had only 15% of open water (85% is

# 64 - MERLIN at 3056 Cty Rd 3 in the village of Ste-Rose

Bald Eagle at Alfred Lagoons by Jacques Bouvier. Click on photo to enlarge.

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